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25 looks for a gorgeous contemporary design

We could drool over modern bathroom ideas all day. They are just so clean and crisp and neat and gorgeous and everything we want in a bathroom design. So, of course, we had to put all that drooling time to good use and round uploads of stunning contemporary bathrooms to give you endless inspiration.

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 Whether you want to give your bathroom design a chic overhaul with statement additions, or if you’re searching for some simple decorating ideas, we’ve got plenty of stylish tips and stunning modern bathroom looks for you to recreate below.

Keep scrolling for modern bathrooms aplenty and for loads more fabulous looks, head to our bathroom ideas page.  

  • If it’s bathroom renovation tips you are after we have a dedicated feature for inspiration too. 

1. Experiment with texture

While a sleek, fuss-free scheme is a great starting point for a modern bathroom, you’ll want to consider experimenting with texture and visual effects to create a unique space. Despite its characteristically minimalist feel, this bathroom is given its own personality with a statement house plant. For more house plant and indoor garden ideas, check out our gallery. 

2. Opt for modern bathroom tile designs

Looking for modern bathroom ideas that still incorporate some pattern and interest? An on-trend, geometric bathroom tile scheme makes a striking feature in a modern bathroom. Consider opting for a monochrome version if you want a muted finish, but team it with brass fittings to add a warming note. Small bathroom? Find out how to choose the right size tiles to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

  • If you’re designing a bathroom from scratch, be sure to check out our feature for all the advice you need.

3. Build a focal point into your modern bathroom design

An intricate monochrome wall mural in this small modern bathroom creates a stunning focal point, drawing the eye and creating the illusion of a longer space – a great trick if you’re looking for small bathroom design ideas.

Paired with a stylish, matt black freestanding bath and statement light fitting, this bathroom is a great example of a successful contemporary space.

4. Add color to a contemporary bathroom with accent features

With grey and monochrome schemes often favored for more contemporary bathrooms, going for an accent feature is a great modern bathroom idea as it adds both color and interest to the room. Mustard yellow or blush pink are on-trend additions to a grey scheme. 

‘Often, homeowners automatically opt for pure white bathrooms to give the illusion of spaciousness. However, pint-sized spaces can lend themselves well to a strong color.’ comments Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore UK Director.

‘If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from natural light, rich colors can play with artificial lighting sources to make a strong style statement. Painting bathroom furniture in the same tone can add to the dramatic effect of a dark bathroom, add accents of interest with your choice of brassware and accessories’

 See more bathroom paint ideas in our gallery.

5. Incorporate natural materials for an easy modern twist

If you’re after modern bathroom ideas that are contemporary but also warm and welcoming, bringing natural materials is key. Adding wooden accents into a sleek, cool-toned scheme is a brilliant way to add texture and interest to a modern bathroom without compromising its minimalist feel. 

We love this combination of a dark wood freestanding unit and streamlined sanitaryware from GSG Ceramic Design.

6. Design an open space 

When you’re designing a modern bathroom, prioritize creating an open and spacious feel. A walk-in wet room is a good way to go as it helps keep the layout as streamlined as possible. Zones can still be distinguished within it without detracting from the open feel. 

Natural Slate Effect Tiles are a stylish solution for a contemporary bathroom or wet room. If you love the idea of transforming your bathroom into a wet room, check out our guide to creating a wet room for all the tips and tricks. 

7. Create a design feature using house plants

The easiest modern bathroom idea going, is to add loads of house plants. Whether you’re looking to make a design feature with a statement species – we love the addition of a slightly unruly house plant to an otherwise streamlined space – or prefer something a little more understated, our house plants guide will tell you everything you need to know about house plants, so that you can choose a species that suits. 

8. Add personality in a modern bathroom with a gallery wall

Avoid a clinical feel and inject personality into a modern bathroom with the addition of a gallery wall. Start by reading our guide to displaying photos and pictures before selecting images that suit your style – we’d recommend an eclectic combination of tasteful photographs and prints. 

9. Opt for atmospheric lighting 

Lighting is key if you’re designing a bathroom with relaxation in mind. Avoid bright, overpowering illumination, and instead, opt for something with a warmer light and a more understated feel. Industrial-style designs make the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. For more on how to choose bathroom lighting go and have a read of our expert guide. 

Find this Hex Box Pendant Lighting at Original BTC.

10. Choose sleek, but statement sanitaryware 

Smooth edges and simple silhouettes make for stylish sanitaryware in a modern bathroom. Positioned in the center of a bathroom (if yours is large enough) a freestanding bath can create a striking focal point, just check out these amazing freestanding baths.

Gallery: 20 Christmas decoration ideas to make your home extra festive for 2020 (Real Homes)

11. Strip back walls for an industrial feel

Creating a feature wall with exposed brick walls is a sure-fire way to create a contemporary industrial look, especially if paired with factory-style light fittings, like these from Fritz Fryer. The downside to this pared-back look? The bathroom can feel a tad cool, so why not go for underfloor heating beneath the tiled floor plus plenty of fluffy towels to dry off with?

12. Undress the windows in a modern bathroom

One way to make modern bathrooms feel bigger is to choose bathroom window treatments that are minimalist – like this white Roman blind just peeking into shot. However, if your room is overlooked, you might like to add window film to allow in plenty of light while preserving your privacy.

Bear in mind, too, that if the window is undressed, the room might feel somewhat cold, so up the comfort factor with plenty of quality towels and pretty accessories to dress the room – these are from JD Williams.

13. Give a traditional bathroom a pop of modern 

Want to combine modern bathroom ideas with a more traditional look? Part contemporary, part period style, and bang on trend, boho-chic interiors are all about paring back a traditional scheme to the minimum and adding a couple of stand-out modern details. Here, it’s the artwork, but it could just as easily be a shapely roll top bath or contemporary flooring. Find more boho chic-inspired room schemes in our guide.

14. Create symmetry in a modern bathroom  

Modern bathrooms really benefit from symmetry and structure. You can re-create this contemporary look easily by adding symmetry with mirrors, or even frames if you’re being edgy and leaving mirrors out of your modern bathroom design completely. Even if you haven’t been blessed with a double sink, hanging two oversized circular mirrors above a smaller sink or a vanity unit would be just as striking. For similar mirrors, check out these versions from Made – they come in loads of colors, too, if you want to make a move on from monochrome. 

15. Add softness to a modern bathroom 

Modern bathrooms don’t have to all be about the super sleek monochrome look. You can create a contemporary space with softer neutrals and natural materials too. We love how in this bathroom a single color scheme has been kept but the interest comes with the mixture of textures – the granite, the wood and the polished plaster walls work perfectly to create a serene modern space. 

16. Choose built-in storage for a chic and tidy look 

If you want to create a really minimalist space, zero clutter (apart from a few strategically placed houseplants and accessories, of course), investing in built-in storage is going to be the best way to achieve that. Floor to ceiling cupboards with a simple design would work best for a contemporary space as they will just blend into the rest of the room. You could always use the cupboards to add some color by painting them too – we love this dark green, looks gorgeous with the light wooden accents. 

17. Bring terrazzo finishes into a modern bathroom 

Terrazzo is a super stylish material that is going to bring a modern feel into any bathroom. We love this overall terrazzo look that you could achieve using tiles (check out these from Tiles Direct). But you could also bring in the material in more subtle ways– this terrazzo bathroom wall light from John Lewis would be ideal and they have loads of matching bathroom accessories too.  

18. Strip back a small bathroom for a contemporary look 

Modern bathroom ideas work perfectly in a small bathroom because they are all about a clean, uncluttered look. Just keep everything to a minimum, the furnishings, the colors, the decorations and always opt for closed bathroom storage so you can hide away all the things that aren’t aesthetically pleasing and basically just have your Aesop bottles out that you just keep filling with whatever soap you pick up from the supermarket (oh don’t pretend you don’t do that too!). 

19. Go against traditional bathroom layouts

We love how this modern bathroom has a really unusual layout. The bath and shower are almost one, with the shower being a walk-in design, right next to the bath. The slightly raised flooring keeps it in its own zone from the rest of the bathroom, but the wooden planters and the wooden flooring in the rest of the space keep it looking cohesive. Very cool, very spa. 

20. Add warm tones to a modern bathroom 

Cool tones are synonymous with modern bathrooms, greys, whites, blacks all work well to create a contemporary space. But that’s not to say you can’t throw in some warmer colors too. Check out this contemporary bathroom, it’s got plenty of grey going on but the orange towels, soft shower curtain and rattan accessories soften up the look. 

21. Divide up your space with a Crittall door

Crittall style doors have been a huge bathroom trend for 2020 and looks like our love of this industrial look is still going strong in 2021. They are the perfect addition to a bathroom because they can create zones in your space with out blocking out light or having it add stud walls.

In this bathroom the Crittall wall separates the walk in shower but you can create a similar look by switching out your shower screen for a Crittal style door. 

22. Mix in vintage furniture 

Modern bathrooms don’t have to contain exclusive modern furnishings, in fact adding in a retro piece or decor can create a really stylish contrast. We love how this retro vanity looks in this more contemporary space – keep your eyes peeled on places like eBay and Etsy for piece you could repurpose in your bathroom.

It needn’t be furniture either, frames, artwork, mirrors and even rugs can work in your bathroom to bring more character into a modern bathroom. 

23. Create the on trend look of ‘plaster’ walls

Plaster walls are bang on trend right now, they bring a very… exotic hotel vibe to your space. The unfinished look is the perfect contrast to a modern bathroom, adding texture and depth, something that very modern bathrooms can often lack.

Obviously creating plaster walls in your current bathroom is not the easiest thing to do but, you can create a very similar effect with paint. Just check out our guide to how to create plaster effect wall for everything you need to know. 

24.  Choose classic marble tiles

Marble is synonymous with modern bathrooms and there are so many ways to bring it into your bathroom no matter your budget. You could go all out and invest in some really beautiful marble slabs to seamlessly cover your walls or floors, or go for marble tiles in your shower enclosure. If you are working with a smaller budget there are plenty of marble effect tiles that will give you a similar look for a quarter of the price.

What to pair with marble in a modern bathroom? We love the look of natural textures so wooden cabinetry and seagrass baskets are a good start. Black and gold are best for your hardware to warm up the cooler tones. 

25. Choose a bold color in a modern bathroom  

Because modern doesn’t have to mean monochrome!

‘When choosing the scheme for your bathroom, consider creating a sense of flow from you’re the rest of your home into the bathroom with a complementary scheme. This does not necessarily mean being too matchy, however picking out key colours works particularly well.’ explains Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore UK Director.

‘Adding a splash of colour to the bathroom doesn’t need to be daunting, the bathroom is a great place to be a little more adventurous with how you use colour and what colour you opt for. For something a little more trend led in the bathroom, consider painting the lower half of walls in a bold shade. Rich blues or greens lend themselves particularly well to bathrooms in this instance, consider a tonal hue or white for the upper wall to keep the space feeling fresh and open. Alternatively, adding a pop of colour to your ceiling for additional interest can warm up a white bathroom to give a cosier feel.’

What are the bathroom trends for 2021?

There are plenty of new inspiring bathroom trends we have been seeing so far this year. A few of our faves are wallpaper in a bathroom – yes you can hang wallpaper in a bathroom and it’s the perfect way to bring pattern into a more modern space – darker moodier bathrooms and more sculptural shapes, think scalloped tiles and curved baths and basins. 

How can I modernize my bathroom cheaply?

So you’ve inherited a dated bathroom and want to give it a bit of a glow up? If your bathroom is tiled, you can actually paint over tiles for a fresher, clean look, just check out our guide to how to paint tiles for help. 

If it’s the flooring that’s dragging down the vibe of the room, they consider covering with vinyl flooring or even tile stickers – Etsy and Amazon have some really cute options you can order online and lay yourself. 

‘Vinyl flooring is a great way of creating a stylish bathroom without blowing the budget, and is highly water-resistant. In recent years there have been many developments in design and styles that mean the effects vinyls can create, such as tile or wood, are incredibly realistic.’ explains David Snazel hard flooring buyer at Carpetright. 

‘Increasingly we are seeing customers opt for bold colours and patterns in their bathrooms; using it as a way of adding a little personality to the room.  Light and bright colours work well in smaller areas and can help give the illusion of space. If your room is on the larger side you could consider patterned flooring to create a statement. A well placed rug can also be added to spacious bathrooms to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, just try to make sure it is not in an area that is often wet./

 Modernizing your bathroom could come down to just treating yourself to some new accessories. Change your bath mat, your toothbrush holder, if you’ve been blessed with a shower curtain switch that out too. We’d recommend checking out H&M Home for loads of cheap bathroom accessories.