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A photographer lives full-time in a 66-square-foot van that has a king-size bed, roof deck, and secret compartments that disappear into the walls

  • Quin Schrock lives in a converted 66-square-foot Mercedes-Benz sprinter van.
  • The travel photographer bought the $57,000 van in March and converted it into a tiny home over five months.
  • Schrock has lived on the road full-time for about six years in various vehicles.

Quin Schrock is a photographer who travels the US and the world on assignment – and he gets to bring his home with him.

Schrock has lived and worked out of various camper vans in the last six years since he left a career in accounting to become a professional photographer.

“I had a pretty normal suburban existence growing up, and then I was an accountant,” Schrock told Insider.

“I always dreamt of living a life of adventure and having these crazy stories I would see in movies. It was more so like this distant dream,” he added.

That started to change when, six years ago, he booked a one-way ticket to Peru and liked the pictures he took on the trip.

Since then, Schrock, who was included in an Insider roundup of the 30 most-followed travel Instagram accounts in 2017, has worked as a travel photographer. His Instagram account, which has 1.2 million followers, is filled with colorful snaps from places like Peru, Bolivia, and California.

The California native started building his latest mobile tiny home – a Mercedes-Benz sprinter van he calls his “quarantine baby” – in March.

Here’s how Schrock converted his 66-square-foot van into a full-time tiny home with a king-sized bed, solar panel-covered roof deck, and secret compartments that disappear into the walls.