Easter Infant Activity Ideas

There are plenty of activities and traditions to take part in around the Easter holiday. However, many of them may seem to be geared to older children that are more active and engaged. But that doesn’t mean your baby can’t get in on the Easter-themed fun.

Below, we look at ten easy activities you can do with your baby around the Easter holiday that requires little effort and little to no mess.

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10 Easter Egg Finger Painting

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If you’re not afraid to let your baby make a mess, give them the opportunity to finger paint. To make it Easter-themed, cut out an oval to resemble an Easter egg. Then allow your baby to dip their hand into child-friendly paint to color their egg.

9 Easter Egg Water Scooping

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Sensory activities are great for babies and toddlers. Not only are they an easy source of entertainment, but they can stimulate your child’s sensory skills and development.

For infants, Busy Blooming Joy suggests creating a water scooping game with plastic Easter eggs. Fill a tray with water and add the little eggs. They’ll float at the top, so your child can easily pick them up and have a blast splashing around.


8 Easter Egg Rattle

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Another way to incorporate Easter eggs into a sensory activity is to create a rattle. Fill the plastic eggs with household items, like sand, dried beans, or rice – anything that will make an exciting sound when shaken.

Make sure to tape the eggs closed to prevent your baby from opening them and making a mess (certain items may be a choking hazard, too). Also, be sure to supervise your infant as they enjoy this hassle-free activity.

7 Carrot Garden Sensory Bin

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The ideas for sensory bins are endless. One cute, Easter-themed idea is to create a carrot garden, as Fun-A-Day instructs. Simply fill a tray or bin with dirt or something that resembles it, like fake sand from the craft store. Next, bury little carrots beneath the dirt. They can either be real or faux. You can even add a little toy bunny to stay on theme.

Your baby will have a blast digging up the carrots. Just make sure to supervise them during this activity to ensure they don’t put anything in their mouth that doesn’t belong.

6 Read An Easter Book

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If your baby is under a year old, they won’t be able to participate in a lot of activities. But one thing that works for children of all ages is reading. Pick up an Easter-themed storybook (or two) and read it aloud to your baby.

They may not be able to follow the story at a young age, but it’s a great way to introduce them to traditions around Easter. Plus, you can read the same books next year.

5 Egg Exploration

The Educator’s Spin On It suggests parents pick up a variety of plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store. Then, allow your child to explore their shapes and colors.

For babies over a year old, consider hiding little trinkets in the eggs. They’ll have fun opening them up to reveal the surprise. For younger infants, tape the eggs shut, so they can’t open them, though they’ll still have fun playing with a new item.

10 Super Simple Easter Crafts To Do With Your Toddler
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You’ll want to remember how small your baby’s feet were forever, so make a memorable craft with this idea.

Simply cover your baby’s feet in washable, child-friendly paint, then help them press down on a sheet of paper. Their toes will be the bunny’s legs, while you can draw two lines at their heel for the ears. Add a little white pom pomp to symbolize the bunny’s tail to finish.

3 Enjoy A Petting Zoo

reasons toddlers should go to zoo

Nothing screams Easter like a bunch of baby animals running around. So, if there’s a petting zoo in your area, consider taking your baby out for the day.

They may be too young to walk up and pet animals on their own. But simply being around new creatures will stimulate your baby’s curiosity. They’ll love looking at and learning about the animals.

2 Easter Egg Hunt

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In a similar vein, consider hiding plastic Easter eggs around your home for your baby to find. This is a great activity for little ones that have just started to crawl or walk. Make sure to hide the eggs in semi-visible places that your baby will be able to spot. No need to fill them with anything – your baby will simply enjoy going on the hunt.

1 Easter-Themed Photoshoot

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This idea is one both babies and parents will enjoy. Dress your infant up in an Easter-themed outfit, like bunny ears or a pastel dress. Then set up a fun background to celebrate the holiday. Give your baby items to keep themselves busy, like plastic Easter eggs or a stuffed bunny. Then, snap some cute photos of them while they play in their cute outfit.

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