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We are in the business of cultivation.

It is a organization with quite a few branches, and just one of them includes us collecting information that we hone into guidance and standpoint to assist you cultivate your horticultural thoughts.

And right now, for the duration of winter downtime, strategies are what gardeners are developing. Quite a few of us find inspiration by reading through about our favourite hobby and, in doing so, we run into terms that are utilized in horticulture but are if not meaningless.

Here’s our quick checklist of important horticultural phrases that we hope will assist as you germinate gardening ideas and ideas.


Every single gardener needs a perception of humus — see what we did there? Humus is, only, completed compost. When your banana peel breaks down in your composter or in the garden, it results in being humus.

Humus is the natural and organic foundation of wonderful garden soil and a fantastic back garden is crafted on good soil.


A microbe is lifetime that is too small to see with the naked eye. It is a microscopic organism, a small creature that could be bacteria or fungus. They exist amongst all animals and plant everyday living.

Soil is alive with microbes: in excess of four billion of them in a handful of healthier soil. A absence of microbes and microbial action (imagine of them as frolicking close to in the soil alongside one another) is a signal of very poor soil well being.

Granted, there are microbes that can do damage to people, promoting disease and the like, but for the most section they are advantageous. Microbes and micro-organisms are the similar matter.


A mixture of the phrases biologic and varied, as in biologically varied, it refers to “the selection of lifetime in the planet or in a certain habitat or ecosystem” (Oxford Languages).

This is vital in the yard anything you do to endorse biodiversity will be beneficial to plant daily life and all the animal activity that supports it. This is a two-way arrangement. For instance, a mason bee visits a flower for nectar and pollen, the bee gains sustenance, and the flower is fertilized and reproduces. The more you can advertise this kind of action in your back garden, the higher the biodiversity you have.

We propose that a pond or continue to drinking water feature in your yard will have the biggest effects on biodiversity in your property.


This is a symbiotic romance in between a fungus and the roots of vegetation, and it is a relationship that creates greater access to nutrients for each and every. Simple, proper?

Very well, in actuality, the science of soil and plant everyday living is just as sophisticated as the a lot of aspects and interactions that have an affect on human wellbeing. But, straight up, large-performing mycorrhiza is the pathway for nutrients to plant roots.

Imagine of the electrical energy in your dwelling. You flick a switch and the lights arrive on. The energy travels as a result of a coated wire or a conduit from the resource in your dwelling, and from several factors perfectly outside of. The energy is to your lights what mycorrhiza is to your plants.


These are the elemental symbols for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium — the three most typical features employed by plants. There is a regulation in Canada that just about every offer of fertilizer need to listing the NPK (not so in the U.S.). The purpose is that these components are so broadly eaten by plant daily life that you, the customer, are entitled to know which of them are in your plant or garden food stuff.

Nitrogen encourages inexperienced advancement, phosphorous feeds roots and potassium is an enabler that aids the other two do their function best. Or, as Ben was taught in agricultural university, “up, down, all around”. N = upwards development, P = downwards growth and K = much better all round plant efficiency.


If we visualize the globe as a basketball, the layer that supports life would be shallower than the dimples on the ball. It is the rhizosphere or daily life-giving layer close to plants’ roots that sustains all growth — wherever the helpful bacteria, mycorrhiza and all the fantastic things that keeps plant roots happy exist.

With some helpful terms for your gardening vocabulary — like soil rich with humus — may well you be ever a lot more productive this new yr.

Mark Cullen is an specialist gardener, writer, broadcaster, tree advocate and member of the Buy of Canada. His son, Ben, is a fourth-generation urban gardener and graduate of College of Guelph and Dalhousie College in Halifax. Follow them at, @markcullengardening and on Fb.