Erin and Ben Reveal 5 Fashionable Renovations To Ditch Today-and Why

“Home Town” stars Erin and Ben Napier know which house renovations are most preferred these days. But they also know well that sometimes, updates usually are not the finest idea—particularly if you want your household to have character.

In the most up-to-date episode, “A Laurel Hug,” Erin and Ben fulfill up with an old close friend, Kendall, who a short while ago dropped her spouse. She’s decided to go again home to Laurel, MS, to be nearer to spouse and children, and has purchased a property for $110,000. She loves this 1940s build, but Erin and Ben know the place will call for a ton of work—and extra dollars than her $115,000 renovation budget will make it possible for.

However the Napiers obtain a way to make this dwelling appear astounding even though pushing the budget only a little bit larger. And their key is mostly preventing a great deal of the most popular renovation tendencies! Here is what they do—or much more importantly, really don’t do—which could encourage some adjustments around your own abode, also.

1.Never paint the front doorway if it appears excellent presently

This dwelling now looked gorgeous, but it needed a new coloration.


Erin and Ben know this yellow house wants a fresh new coat of paint, so they approach to give the residence a brown exterior with a inexperienced doorway, which will offer a pop of colour.

The brown paint seems to be good, but when the new doorway arrives in, unpainted, Erin has 2nd feelings about supplying it a new shade. The deep wooden tone functions fantastic with the new, darker property coloration. In the finish, she decides to preserve it as is.

As it turns out, this door appears to be like most effective with a natural wood tone.


“It was far more peer tension from all the neighbors,” Ben suggests when he and Erin finally get to demonstrate Kendall the new exterior. “Most people was texting, like, ‘Hey, so ya’ll are not going to paint the door, are you?'”

All people on the block enjoys the wood front doorway, and it looks Kendall does, much too.

2. Will not knock down walls if you like nooks and crannies

living room
This aged property is far from open idea.


Even though heaps of prospective buyers these days want households with an open up ground plan, Erin and Ben take note that this old residence continue to has a lot of walls, and they plan to retain it that way.

“I like rooms, and I like very little nooks,” Erin claims when outlining her determination to preserve the partitions up in the living place. “Which is what will make a home fascinating.”

In the conclusion, Erin and Ben verify that keeping the partitions up is the proper choice. With the first structure intact, this dwelling is in a position to retain its distinctive 1940s attraction. Even with a contemporary coat of paint and some new furnishings, this residence nevertheless feels old in the best way possible.

3. Never consider to correct imperfect floors

Erin and Ben Napier discover these flooring have loads of character.


When Erin and Ben 1st give Kendall a tour of this residence, it is really crammed with orange carpet. The carpet won’t make the finest initially effect, but Kendall is capable to see some hardwood floors peeking out from underneath, which presents her hope for this property.

So Erin and Ben make guaranteed to have the carpet taken out and the wood flooring sanded. Nevertheless, these old hardwood floors are not fantastic. Though a single would be expecting a uniform look from new hardwood, these floors have patches of darker and lighter wooden. The colour isn’t really regular, but Erin claims this is really an asset.

“This is what I appreciate about outdated hardwood flooring. … They definitely inform the history of the household,” Erin claims.

In fact, these previous floors add added character to the dwelling. When the renovation is finished, these floors change out to be a excellent feature—and a big update from orange carpet.

4. You should not go wild with tile if you like a typical appear

David and Erin discuss tile in Kendall’s new bathroom.


White subway tile is typical, stunning, and inexpensive—so it need to be great for Kendall’s 1940s house.

Nonetheless, Erin thinks that subway tile has been overused, so she chooses a tile that is ever so a bit unique from that typical search: a white tile with a beveled edge. The bevel provides it a bit of texture.

David, the tile installer, states he enjoys this search for the reason that it reminds him of antique mirrors, which have beveled edges as nicely.

This tile may well search conventional, but it has one particular distinctive depth.


Erin appears to be content with the comparison, conveying that a single of her most important plans with this renovation is preserving the vintage really feel.

“It is so considerably about the historic architecture and preserving it the way it is,” Erin claims.

When the toilet is finished, Erin loves the appear. To the naked eye, this shower tile appears like it can be lined with common subway tile, but up close, you can find a typical detail that is reminiscent of an older design and style.

5. Don’t make a kitchen far too clear and pristine

The backsplash looks wonderful in this kitchen area.


With Erin previously discovering a special substitute to subway tile for the bathroom, she decides towards using that tiling in the kitchen as well. Rather, she finds a white tile with a touch of coloration to give it a slightly aged search.

“I like the way these tiles have a minor patina and an aged color about them,” Erin says. “Like, I did not want anything properly white and shiny in this property that feels historic and a tiny bit aged by now.”

When the tile is mounted, it looks wonderful. It gives this kitchen a little bit of character, encouraging it blend in with the relaxation of the outdated home.

This backsplash has a tiny little bit of color, creating it charmingly imperfect.


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