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Futuristic $179 Hex Home DIY home security system stops intruders with Wi-Fi waves

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I ditched my antique home security system years ago in favor of a DIY home security system. Why, you ask? It’s because I was sick and tired of paying so much money each month.

In my humble opinion, traditional home alarm setups that include expensive monitoring services are a waste of money. If someone tries to rob your home and a siren starts blaring, that’s what scares them off.

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In the rare instance that your intruders aren’t scared off by the blaring alarm, you’ve got a serious problem. Having the police show up 5+ minutes later after a call from a monitoring service versus 7 minutes later from the noise probably isn’t going to make a huge difference. But hey, I’m no expert so that’s just my opinion.

In any case, my alarm is now tied into my home security system, SmartThings. I used a nifty little gadget called Konnected to tie all my old motion detectors and open/close sensors into SmartThings, and it’s great. The only problem is that there are still some dead spots in my house where there are no sensors nearby.

Sure, I could set up a bunch of additional SmartThings sensors. Then I would have even more gadgets with batteries that’ll need to be replaced. But a company called Hex Home recently sent me its futuristic DIY smart home security system to test, so I might not have to.

Why not? It’s because Hex’s system uses black magic to detect motion anywhere in your entire home with just a few pods that need to be plugged in around your house!

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Okay fine, so the Hex Home DIY smart home security system doesn’t use black magic. It sure seems like it, though.

Instead, the Hex Command base unit and Hex Sense pods monitor your entire home for motion using Wi-Fi waves. You see, these Wi-Fi signals are constantly shooting around in your home. They bounce off your walls as well as all of the objects in each room. They also bounce off of people.

When something or someone moves, it changes the patterns created by all these Wi-Fi waves. Hex’s home security system constantly monitors the Wi-Fi waves in your house or apartment, and it senses when those patterns change due to movement. When movement occurs, Hex can alert you.

Best DIY Home Security System by Hex Home

Best DIY Home Security System by Hex Home

The system is set up to support an alarm mode as well as a nifty Guardian mode. With the latter, you can receive notifications without triggering the siren. This is a great way to keep track of your kids as they come and go or to stay on top of caregivers and dog walkers.

And speaking of dogs, the system has adjustable sensitivity. That way, you don’t have to worry about things like pets or robot vacuums setting off your alarm.

Hex Home fast facts

The Hex Home DIY smart home security system is a very smart solution that is available right now at Amazon. There’s a Hex Command + 1 Hex Sense bundle that’s good for homes up to 1,000 sq. ft., a 1,500 sq. ft. bundle, and a Hex Command + 3 Hex Sense bundle for homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.

What’s more, each system is on sale with a $20 discount compared to buying them from the Hex Home website.

For larger homes, Hex recommends using a different Hex system for each floor of your house. Also of note, there’s an optional professional monitoring service coming in a few months, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Here are some more key details to keep in mind:

  • The Hex Home DIY Smart Home Security System uses your existing Wi-Fi signal to detect motion in your home

  • Anyone can set up Hex Home’s DIY home security system in 15 minutes or less with no tools required

  • Just download the app, plug in the devices, connect them to Wi-Fi, and you’re done

  • The free mobile app lets you monitor your home from anywhere with no monthly subscription fees

  • An optional 24/7 professional monitoring solution is set to launch soon

  • Adjustable sensitivity levels use AI so your pets and robot vacuums don’t trigger false alarms

  • Guardian mode lets you receive motion alerts without setting off the siren, which is great for monitoring children or caregivers

  • Includes a one-year limited warranty

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