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I Driven My Home with the Ford F-150 Hybrid

Where by I live, electricity outages are a recurrent fact of lifetime. A lot of trees coexist with rickety previously mentioned-floor ability traces, until eventually the second they don’t. A couple of yrs ago, during Hurricane Florence, we shed electricity for 4 days. Fortuitously, I bought a very little Honda EU2200i generator forward of the storm. It was more than enough to energy up the essentials. But even with that, I had to choose what to run, and when. If I would experienced a 2021 F-150 Hybrid in the driveway, it would have been a different tale. Because, supplied the correct extension cords and electricity strips, the F-150 Hybrid can electrical power your house.

The PowerBoost drivetrain is cool on its own—with 430 horsepower and 570 pound-ft of torque, it can be the quickest non-Raptor-engine F-150 we have at any time tested, whilst strengthening gasoline overall economy by 20 percent—but the onboard generator is the intriguing choice. Dubbed Professional Ability Onboard, it’s accessible in quite a few distinctive outputs, from 2. kilowatts (with the 2.7-liter V-6 and 5. V-8) up to a optimum of 7.2 kilowatts with the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6. And that latter variety is more than enough to operate your whole damn dwelling. I know simply because I have a 7.4-kilowatt photo voltaic array and a internet electrical meter that tells me no matter whether I’m working with grid electrical power or pushing electric power again out. On a sunny day, I am operating my household and sending electrons to my neighbors. It stands to motive, then, that this truck in the driveway could also power my dwelling. So I resolved to test it. (There is a third way, but backfilling by using a 240-volt plug with out a transfer change, even though secure when performed effectively, adds sizeable possibility.)

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You can use the F-150’s generator as your private electric powered utility in two ways. In the most stylish situation, you’d run a cable from the 30-amp, 240-volt outlet in the bed to a 30-amp transfer change and immediately electrical power chosen circuits in your property. No extension cords, no breaking out your World’s Finest Father desk lamp to light-weight your kitchen counter. I do not have a transfer change. So, extension cords it is.

Below the 30-amp plug are four common 120-volt retailers, and every single pair of these is a 20-amp circuit rated for 2400 watts. (There are 120-volt retailers in the interior, much too.) That is a great deal of electric power. To safely and securely make the most of it, you require thick extension cords. Which, the good news is, I have. The key 1 I use in outages is rated for 1875 watts. I have many others in numerous lengths and gauges to build my personal messy indoor electric power grid. I driven up the truck, plugged in my cords and received to get the job done.

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All of this run by the truck in the driveway. Apart from for the pet.

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With my Honda generator, I can operate the essentials—fridge, some lights, fans, TV—but I may have to unplug anything if I want to operate a electric power-hungry appliance like a espresso maker (600 watts) or microwave (1500 watts). To exam the F-150, I plugged in as lots of items as I could believe of, all at after: espresso maker, Shark vac, Tv, world-wide-web modem and router, tankless fuel very hot h2o heater, fridge, garage fridge, and a pair lamps. Oh, and while we’re at it, let us get the wrinkles out of some dresses with my 1400-watt iron. I never usually vacuum, make coffee, and iron outfits all at once, but these are the matters we do for science.

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Just earning espresso and ironing by lamplight with the fridge pulled out, as one particular does.

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The F-150 ran every thing concurrently, and could have handled much more. I know this mainly because the generator display on the 12-inch dash monitor reveals just how substantially energy you’re demanding at any offered second. My a variety of gadgets devoured 3200 watts, which is way outside of the attract that would have triggered my Honda to blow its circuit breaker. This is extra than 50 % of the electric power obtainable to 120-volts, but significantly less than 50 % of the system ability if I have been running my home off the 240-volt feed. In truth, the truck appeared bored with this assignment. Once in a while, the V-6 would shut down and depart the truck’s 1.5-kWh lithium battery to run the exhibit, resulting in the quietest 7.2-kW generator you can expect to ever hear. You can find a muted whirr from beneath the truck, and that is it.

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But, you talk to, why wouldn’t you just obtain a 7200-watt generator? Mainly because if you happen to be getting an F-150 Hybrid, the 7200-watt Professional Electric power Onboard is a $750 possibility. (The 2400 watt output, with two stores, is regular.) You will not get a subtle 7000-watt generator for $750. You may well discover 1 that sounds like Randy Quaid’s lawnmower from the underrated Richard Pryor film Going, but a present day, quiet inverter generator is heading to charge almost certainly two times that. And a 7000-watt Honda—the aspirational luxurious model of generator—goes for about $4500. The F-150 generator is a deal, and you don’t have to lug it all around, come across a area for it in your garage, or fret about the fuel going stale. It is just there, in the truck, when you require it.

Ford appears to visualize Professional Ability Onboard as a resource for contractors or outdoorsy styles, managing saws on a position web-site or charging up electric dirt bikes at a remote riding place. And it can do these matters. But when a tree goes down and the lights go out, it could also be the MVP right there in your driveway.

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You can also do this.

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