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include these blooms to your garden for a burst of summer season color

If you want to know how to develop sunflowers we’ve received all the information you can expect to have to have. Expanding them from seed is super easy to do because they shoot up so fast. There is a enormous vary to pick from, with some big kinds that increase to a skyscraping 3 metres tall when other dwarf versions only make it to around 50cm. 

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Their proper name is ‘helianthus’, so seem out for that on seed packets far too. There is also a wonderful variety of colors in addition to the typical sunny yellow wide variety. There are dark shades of ruby and claret pink, then there’s each individual shade of orange, gold and brown in among so choose your choose. 


Aside from staking them when they begin to mature tall and watering them properly there’s not much else to do in terms of plant routine maintenance. Pick bunches of the lesser types to use as slice flowers in the dwelling for a longlasting display. 

You can also leave them on the stalk after they begin to fade to generate an autumnal outside show that peckish birds can snack on way too. Keep studying for all the things you need to know about expanding sunflowers, then look at out our guidebook to backyard garden borders for much more ways to incorporate scent and color to your flowerbeds. 

Where to purchase sunflowers

It is uncomplicated to mature sunflowers from seeds, so this is a great selection to go for. They are economical and readily available from a wide array of suppliers. Use our quicklinks under to head straight to main suppliers, or scroll down for some of our major varieties to mature in your backyard garden. 

In which to get sunflowers Uk

Exactly where to get sunflowers US

When to plant sunflowers

You can sow the seeds from the end of March and plant them out when there is no risk of overnight frosts. You can sow sunflower seeds immediately in the floor if you will not have a greenhouse or the room indoors, from the middle of April onwards. 

Make certain you thrust the seeds firmly into the floor. They will have to have watering in nicely also. Whichever system you choose on you need to be rewarded with lovely flowers from August onwards.

Sowing sunflower seeds is a pleasurable issue to do with children, so why not get them involved much too? You may come across a lot more garden strategies for young ones in our tutorial. 

How to improve sunflowers from seeds

1. At the conclude of March/early April sow a single seed for every 9cm pot. Use an equal ratio of peat-totally free multi-purpose compost, perlite and sand. Water and address each pot with a very clear plastic bag.

2. Stand pots in a propagator in the greenhouse or pick a heat location indoors. They’ll acquire about 7-10 days to germinate. Keep them properly-watered after they have germinated.

3. Set youthful crops exterior through the working day, but return them to the greenhouse or carry indoors right away. Do this for all-around two months.

4. Plant out in late April, in very well-drained soil in a sunny element. Prepare soil by removing weeds and include a great deal of natural make any difference. Plant the sunflowers to the exact same depth as they had been in the pot. Large types really should be planted 38cm aside, and dwarf ones all around 22-25cm apart.

5. Feed with all-objective fertiliser twice, once in mid-June and once more in August. Stake vegetation as vital with canes to quit them flopping and turning out to be wind ruined.

Where to plant sunflowers

They grow greatest if you set them in a place where they will get comprehensive solar. They also favor a sheltered placement so an perfect position is to increase them in opposition to a wall or lose. They are rather easy likely and will grow in any form of soil as extensive as it is not waterlogged but the additional fertile the soil the far more they will thrive. 

If you want your crops to improve tall they will be far better off in the floor, but they also do properly in pots. They are so quick to develop that they usually self-seed and will pop up wherever you the very least anticipate it.

How to care for sunflowers 

Continue to keep your plants watered, primarily in the course of dry spells, and nourish them weekly with a tomato feed when you see the flower buds seem. Don’t permit plants to dry out. 

You might have to have to stake some of the taller types, tying them with twine to backyard canes, but picking a sheltered spot for them should support guard them too as they will not likely be at as a lot hazard from superior winds. 

Troubles with sunflowers 

Sunflowers are commonly hassle free of charge but young seedlings are inclined as slugs and snails like to consume the new shoots. Try preserving them utilizing a cover, such as a cloche designed from the major aspect of a plastic bottle reduce in fifty percent. 

You could also use wildlife-helpful slug pellets or copper tape as a deterrent. There is certainly much more tips on how to get rid of slugs in the back garden in our skilled information. 

Give your plants the ideal likelihood by earning positive they are tall and sturdy right before planting them out. 

Sunflowers can be influenced by mildew if it can be moist and humid but this impacts the appear of them only.

What to do with sunflowers right after flowering 

Just after flowering, go away the faded flower heads on the stalks to dry so that the birds can feast on the seeds. The moment the seeds have all absent pull the plant out of the soil and compost it. 

You might want to slash them off and lay them out to dry to make it even less difficult for birds to feast on them, or you could try hanging them from a branch. For much more strategies for feeding back garden birds, head around to our phase by phase on how to make fowl feeders. 

Alternatively, you can dry the flower heads and seeds for your possess use in the kitchen area. 

5 favorite types of sunflower to test

There are so numerous various styles of sunflower to decide on from, equally in terms of colour and how tall they expand. Listed here are some of our favourites – recall, their ‘official’ identify is helianthus…

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