lina bellovicova completes hempcrete ‘house LO’ in czech countryside

encapsulating the nomadic spirit of its shopper, ateliér lina bellovicova completes its household LO alongside the isolated countryside of the czech republic. the consumer sought to use the house as a wintertime retreat and picture studio the place he might invest darkish evenings establishing film. the dwelling stands as an introspective cabin developed of hempcrete, an unusual materials for its context but an expression of the straightforward and rusticated atmosphere. hempcrete even more presents insulating attributes, and is resistant to fireplace and mildew. the material carries on to petrify for quite a few several years though it draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

lina bellovicova house LO
photos by boysplaynice



ateliér lina bellovicova curates its household LO as a selection of 3 components — two perforated stones and a skinny wood sheet. the dwelling place of the household occupies the void in in between the stones. it is separated from the normal environment by large sliding home windows that permit the space to become component of the outdoor and frame picturesque sights. the two stones include the entrance spot, two bedrooms and a bathroom even though a photography studio, a club area and services parts occupy the cellar. a huge terrace runs all-around the dwelling, protected from the climate by a extraordinary roof overhang.

lina bellovicova house LO



with its protecting roof overhang, ateliér lina bellovicova provides the occupant of house LO a partially enclosed terrace to improve time used outside. the roof is then lined with a carpet of vegetation, so that the dwelling visually integrates with its organic context and is very well insulated. the programmatic structure of the compact household is organized with treatment, making certain that the room is applied to its fullest. the designer responses: ‘the property will step by step become part of the mother nature. very first it will be a residence to a relatives with two small children, afterwards develop into a family summer time retreat and even later a cozy residence for an aged pair.’

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