Martha Stewart Shares How to DIY Your Holiday Wreath With Dried Fruit

Martha Stewart Shares How to DIY Your Holiday Wreath With Dried Fruit

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Despite what you might think, it’s not too late to put up some new holiday decorations without having to make a trip to your local store. Martha Stewart, the queen of all things DIY, has shared a way to give your festive wreaths a brand new look — and it’s the perfect project to work on this winter. In a new Instagram post, the lifestyle mogul shared how to breathe new life into your wreaths by using dried fruit, and it looks so beautiful.

Stewart’s IG post invites fans to watch digital editor Alexandra Churchill DIY the wreath, writing, “How to Decorate a Wreath with Dried Fruit. Watch digital editor @alexandra_churchill decorate her wreath with oven-dried orange slices, cranberry garlands, and seasonal spices that emit a warm aroma, perfect for an evergreen wreath at Christmastime. For longevity, mist your regularly and display it outdoors on your front door.”

In the video, Churchill explains that she likes to “slice them up and dry them in the oven” before adding the oranges to her wreath. The step-by-step clip explains exactly how to successfully make your dried fruit picture-perfect. While adding dried fruit to your wreath, Churchill recommends bundling cinnamon sticks or “adding cloves to decorative pomanders.”

Although wreaths are typically brought out during the holidays, they’re totally acceptable to be hung and displayed year round.  Not only will your home look beautifully adorned, but it will also smell lovely. It’s a DIY gift you can give yourself that will last well past the holiday!

Watch the video clip — and then get more of Martha Stewart’s Wreath DIY Tips.

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