Talking With Clients: How Real Estate Agents Should Deal With Them

Conversation is a very important aspect when dealing with clients. As a real estate agent, you should know that talking with clients need a language that ordinary people should clearly understand. In cases when terminologies are vague to them, the agent should know how to explain it to them. Respect is one keyword that should form conversations. Yet, do you know that for your talks to be fruitful, you should know 5 common questions to ask your clients.

Are you talking and dealing with another real estate agent?

The real estate industry is very competitive. You’ll see agents here and there doing their homework of getting clients to work with them. But there are unexpected instances when agents become unavailable to their clients for some talks. You might have experienced this too. As a matter of paying respect to your fellow agents, it is just right to ask your clients whether they have talked with other agents. It is not a good idea to steal other’s clients. If the client becomes persistent with talking to you, know the other agent he or she has dealt with. When possible, talk to the other agent informing him that his or her client has reached out. Arrive at decisions that would be amicable to both parties.

How financially qualified are you?

Financial qualification is one of the most crucial element when working with clients. Home purchase involves big cash out. Know his or her work and how much is the monthly salary. Are there any other expenses shouldered by the client’s salary? If the client has a partner, know whether the person is also contributing to the home purchase. Is the client currently paying other debts? If the client is one the serious side of buyers, you can refer him to a trusted lender within your network.

Why is this the right time to buy a house?

This question will extract a lot from your client. The reasons he or she will give will offer insights on priorities. Also, the reasons for buying a house will give an idea of how serious of a home buyer the client is.

What’s the best and worst experience you’ve had with other agents?

To be sure that you won’t be repeating the mistakes of other real estate agents, you may ask your clients the best and worst experiences they had with other agents. Knowing their experiences and stories will help you analyze the best possible ways on how you should talk and deal with them. This way, you can focus on the aspects which the past agents your clients had worked with failed to apply necessary patches.

Your clients come not only in various needs. They also have different personalities and attitudes. Each of them needs to be dealt with differently but always remember to pay respect.

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