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The Great DIY Doctor Amazon Tape Debacle

About the previous months we have been obtaining phone calls concerning “our Do-it-yourself Doctor” carpet tape and the simple fact that a lot of end users have found that it has left a sticky residue on carpets when removed that is incredibly challenging to get off and in some cases can not be eradicated ultimately ruining the carpet in concern!

DIY Doctor tape
Carpet tape currently being bought on Amazon by a corporation making use of our Diy Health care provider title

Carpet tape staying bought on Amazon by a firm making use of our Do-it-yourself Health care provider identify

We will need to confirm that this tape is definitely very little to do with us and is in fact a Chinese company investing off of the back again of our title and marketing by means of Amazon.

We have, as I’m guaranteed you’d expect, been in touch with each the firm in query and also Amazon passing on the feed-back that we have acquired from all those of you that have contacted us and also to check with that they end marketing beneath our name but however it seems to date no motion has took place, therefore the reason for this blog site so that we can set the document straight.

If you have indeed procured some of this tape and it has indeed damaged you carpet, rug, flooring or comparable remember to contact Amazon and pass on your criticism straight to them working with the adhering to information:

We will continue on to call Amazon to try and get one thing finished about the actuality they are working with our name and to stop this to avoid any more confusion and also to see if they can raise awareness with the company involved that their product is not up to normal as is in actuality triggering substantial problems to carpets and related coverings.

So, just to validate, none of the “DIY Doctor” branded tape (black, white, blue, crimson etcetera.) that is becoming marketed on Amazon is in point just about anything to do with us, the rewal Diy Medical doctor as a business.

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