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Tumble planting of Supertunias is excellent plan for South

Tumble planting of petunias was a fantastic notion. The interval ideal immediately after Christmas generally has been kind of like a breather for back garden gurus as we pause to assess vegetation and thoughts that we have put into position in our landscape or probably watched other seasoned pros attempt.

Again in the fall, I was looking through a publication written by my mate Dr. Allen Owings, professor emeritus (horticulture) with Louisiana Point out College. He was recommending planting petunias as a drop crop in September, October and as late as November in Louisiana.

A long time ago, I do bear in mind looking at them bloom all winter in some city window packing containers in Louisville, Mississippi, which is right on the zone 7 line. I suppose at the time the provide chain kept me from hoping, and it slipped my intellect.

The Back garden Dude made the decision to give it a test in Midland, Georgia, and I am past thrilled. Midland is a very little northeast of Columbus. Due to the fact I am not as well considerably for the hills of zone 7, I am guaranteed if I have observed achievements, a lot of of you will, much too.

In the drop I established a new mattress, variety of as a examination plot if you will, for new Hydrangea paniculatas coming out in the spring. They are Lime Mild Primary and Fireplace Mild Tidbit. I partnered the hydrangeas with some drifts of Supertunia Picasso In Purple, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, and in another location with Supertunia Vista Fuchsia. At the time I did not desire that the hydrangeas have been likely to coloration up so perfectly. Their shades of white, pink, mauve and even cranberry actually astonished me and ended up fantastic for the petunias.

This mattress was established in an area that was Bermuda grass. I passed on the prospective buyers of making use of a sod stripper and basically killed the grass with a non-selective herbicide. Just after the grass died, I broke the soil up only at the actual planting internet site and integrated extremely minimal organic and natural matter. The soil in this portion of my landscape is rather fantastic and drains nicely. Commonly, I would recommend raised beds and the use of much more natural make a difference or a planting combine.

As a result of the tumble we have had a large amount of rain, especially with the previous two hurricane-associated fronts. The petunias persevered and flourished in blooms looking remarkable as we ended November. The petunias had been then uncovered to 24, 26 and 29 three evenings in a row and many additional nights in the identical array. I recall doubting my job a person early morning as I looked as a result of the window, looking at the gleam of frost.

It turned out no difficulty other than a cycling of blooms comparable to what we see in Camellias when they get hit by frost. Foliage is nevertheless best, and in fact escalating into much greater vegetation and flowers are forming. I also desired to try out a fall planting of petunias in containers. Definitely in containers they are even additional exposed to the cold temperatures.